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I have taught Language Arts to teens for over fifteen years, including essay writing and vocabulary enrichment for gifted and talented students. By ensuring a constant supply of rich subject matter, and by encouraging self-confidence, self-discipline, and independence, I will prepare our 7th graders for the next stage of their education.

Friday, November 14, 2014


KIDS STAYING IN CLASS NEXT WEEK WILL HAVE OTHER FUN ACTIVITIES (hint: we may get outside and do some gardening and nature hikes!)

Monday, September 29, 2014


Several students were able to make it to the 50th Annual San Francisco Public Library's Big Book Sale this past weekend! One student made the family outing an all-day event by going to Olive Garden for dinner. Families were able to pick up plenty of wonderful, old books for a dollar apiece! Mrs. Minor ended up leaving the sale with 294 books, filling up 2 shopping carts! She scored a class set of excellent quality dictionaries (Merriam-Webster, American Heritage, & Oxford) and books of quotations---and books on typing, birds, animals in general, ancient history, trees, ponds, and frogs. All these works will help with our new emphasis on non-fiction informational reading. 


Mandatory Meeting: Monday, October 6, at 6:30 pm in the MUB.

Good morning, Clifford families! The office has informed me that there is a mandatory 7th grade parent/guardian meeting about the upcoming week-long Westminster Woods outdoor education trip scheduled for November. Spread the word to other 7th grade families. Call the office if you have any questions.